PBAN young alumni engagement initiative

PBAN Ambassadors Program (PAP)



The PBAN Young Alumni Engagement Initiative will be realized via the PBAN Ambassadors Program (PAP). This strategy will ensure students who are our scholarship recipients get to know us, use us to their advantage and become involved in leading and growing PBAN. This strategy will engage young alumni early (while these individuals are still students) and activate them for future service as leaders of PBAN. The ambassadorship ends with graduation from KGSB immediately moving each ambassador into eligibility to become PBAN leaders and eligibility for board membership candidacy by the end of the CY of his/her graduation. Because PAP initially is exclusive to our scholarship initiatives, we can promote it with our current recruitment efforts to attract top quality African-American professionals seeking to earn the MBA at KGSB. 



Brandon Spires, MBA and Greg Dann, Esq., MBA are young alumni and both currently serve as PBAN board directors chosen to chair the PBAN Ambassadors Program because of their expressed commitment to work with the students across the university and with other young alumni on behalf of PBAN. They will act mostly in the role of overseer while allowing the Ambassadors to coordinate all PBAN-approved efforts and activities. They will also liaise PBAN with the entire KGSB African and African-American student body.