Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is PBAN?
  2. When was PBAN formed?
  3. Is membership exclusive to Pitt graduates?
  4. Where can I learn about becoming an active PBAN member?
  5. Does my class have a PBAN Class Champion?
  6. Does my city have a PBAN City Champion?
  7. How can I donate to the PBAN (Donor) Scholarship Fund?
  8. How do I apply to obtain consideration for the two-year PBAN / NBMBAA MBA Scholarship Initiative?
  9. Who makes scholarship determinations?
  10. How do I become active in PBAN while I'm a student in one of the masters or doctoral programs?
  11. Is PBAN open to non-MBA masters and doctoral students and alumni from KGSB?
  12. How is PBAN integrated into the Pitt community?