PBAN Board of Directors Nominations are closed but will re-open the fall of 2019.

Officer and Board of Directors Two-Year Terms (2019-2020)

We are in the season of recruiting board members for the Pitt Black MBA Network also known as PBAN so I am writing up this document to provide you with some of the current needs of our organization:

  • PBAN board members make the important decisions for the organization. These actions keep PBAN operating effectively and efficiently throughout the year. The PBAN Board of Directors assume the role of advocating on behalf of the school’s diverse alumni, students and applicants.

  • Board members and other PBAN leaders officially act as area representatives promoting the PBAN Scholarship Initiative (full scholarships for the full-time KGSB MBA program) by way of a local NBMBAA chapter designated to participate in the Initiative. (OPTIONAL) The select chapters are:

1.       Pittsburgh

2.       Philadelphia

3.       New Jersey

4.       Indianapolis

5.       Dallas/Fort Worth

6.       Atlanta

7.       District of Columbia

  • As a board member, you can assist PBAN in growing its membership—particularly its general membership (see the bylaws for the general membership definition).

  • As a board member, we encourage you to act as a mentor to students who share an interest in pursuing a career in a field in which you have experience. (OPTIONAL)

  • As a board member, you choose a committee you can support.

  • As a board member, you can volunteer for a leadership role where you can support the president by taking on an important responsibility and autonomously managing the effort around your schedule. (OPTIONAL)

  • As a board member, you are part of the representation of PBAN during its annual visits to show the strength of the organization to the school and the diverse students.

  • As a board member, you become actively involved in networking across the graduating classes of the school.



Jason Evans from Texas and Terri White from Pittsburgh at the 2017 Welcome Week for Incoming MBA Students. They are PBAN Scholars.

Jason Evans from Texas and Terri White from Pittsburgh at the 2017 Welcome Week for Incoming MBA Students. They are PBAN Scholars.

Did you know… 

PBAN is the Pitt Black MBA Network. The Class of 1972’s African-American graduates of the University of Pittsburgh MBA program called together all classes of Pitt’s African-American MBA alumni. Many alumni from the preceding 50 years participated in two days of meetings—some networking with new faces for the first time and some re-connecting with fellow classmates. After committing to organize, the group next met during Black History Month in 2011 and since have annually convened formal networking, meetings, and mentorship of students en masse on-campus every spring and fall term. PBAN is an independent organization driven by its mission to support the prominence of the University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business.


The first achievement attributed to the group includes persuading the KGSB leadership of the value of annually sending students to the NBMBAA Conference and Job Fair to connect students with employers seeking diverse talent for internship and job placements. PBAN members at the conference also assist students in connecting with decision makers and assist them in interview preparation. KGSB’s strategic decision to tailor the school’s academic calendar so students are able to attend this fair has led to increased internship placement offerings and earlier offers made to all KGSB students attending the job fair.


In 2011, the PBAN Scholarship Fund was established. Between, 2011 and 2014 $190,000 was donated to the fund by PBAN members and matching by KGSB. Since 2012, multiple students have received partial scholarships from this fund.


Another notable achievement was made by PBAN when the group requested that Dean John Delaney establish five full MBA scholarships for talented African-Americans which the group would work with five chapters of the NBMBAA to help recruit through. Chapters were chosen based on a significant PBAN influence in the area to work alongside them in efforts to encourage prospective MBA applicants to consider the quality education that KGSB provides. Between 2013 and 2018, the PBAN/NBMBAA Scholarship Initiative has yielded 24 full scholarship awards.


PBAN membership is open not only to African-American MBA graduates of Pitt but also to all African-American masters and doctoral graduates of the KGSB and to anyone who supports the PBAN mission.  PBAN members are disbursed across the globe and have held positions as high as senior executive posts in commercial, public and government entities.



To become the exemplar of alumni networks



PBAN (the organization) is an organization of black MBAs interested in strategic alliances and partnerships among each other, and between PBAN and the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business (Katz) for the purpose of enhancing and building the prestige of the University's MBA program. The growing success and prominence of PBAN will enhance and build the prestige of the Pitt MBA program and provide an incentive for future talented blacks to attend the program.



A. To strengthen the personal networks among our members. B. To assist the Katz MBA program with minority recruiting, both for students and faculty. C. To assist black MBAs with career advancement and enhancement. Our focus is to assist in improving job/career opportunities and to share our networks and experiences. We will focus on 2 categories of MBAs  (i) Current Katz MBA students and early stage graduates (e.g. first 5 years after graduation) (ii) Katz graduates already in or approaching mid-career so they have enhanced future opportunities. D. To assist in developing targeted scholarship and program funds for currently enrolled Katz black MBA students. E. To recommend and assist in placing black MBAs in corporate board positions. F. To promote business investment opportunities and greater entrepreneurial activity for PBAN members.  (i) Provide expertise, contacts and capital to assist members in making an initial purchase of a business. (ii) Assist in expanding an existing business.



Education, Community, Entrepreneurship, Inclusion, Wealth Building and Creation


·      The 1st black MBA student graduated in 1970.

·      It is estimated in the past five decades that 1,000 black MBAs graduated from the University of Pittsburgh.

·      The Black graduates who convened at the 2010 Pitt Homecoming called by black graduates of the Class of 1972 founded the organization declaring its name “Pitt Black MBA Network” also known as “PBAN.”

·      The PBAN Scholarship Fund was established in 2011.

·      PBAN’s first set of elected officers and board members were installed during Black History Month in 2012 at its first board meeting at the KGSB.

·      Dean John Delaney nominated PBAN for the Chancellor’s Award in Excellence for Diversity.

·      In 2011, PBAN takes a seat in the Business School’s Alumni Association Board of Directors.

·      In 2011, PBAN takes a seat in the Pitt African-American Affinity Council Board of Directors.

·      In 2011, KGSB acts on advice given by PBAN to modify the school week which coincides with the annual NBMBAA Conference to send students to the NBMBAA Career Fair where PBAN members assist students in interview preparation, case competition preparation, and in making connections with other successful black professional colleagues in attendance. This change has dramatically improved the quality of internships and job placements offered to all KGSB students.

·      In 2012, PBAN was recognized by the former City Council President Bill Peduto (now Mayor of Pittsburgh).

·      In 2012, PBAN awards its fund’s first scholarship to Pitt MD/MBA student Braxton McQueen.

·      In 2012, the PBAN 5-Chapter Scholarship Initiative is birthed to recruit top-quality African-American MBA applicants for the KGSB Full-time program through select NBMBAA Chapters. Floyd Trotman, III is the inaugural leader of the Scholarship Initiative. The NBMBAA Chapters are Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., New Jersey, and Indianapolis.

·      In 2013, Brian Burton from Dallas and Monique Manning are the first recipients of the PBAN/NBMBAA Scholarship Initiative recipients.

·      In 2013, women double-Pitt degree holders succeed to the offices of PBAN president and Chairman, and Vice President of Administration. Tricina Cash was unanimously elected to become PBAN president and Board Chairman in 2014.

·      In 2013, PBAN elects three young alumni—Nate Mitchell, Shannan Humes, and Kristin Hayes—to its board of directors.

·      In 2013, the University of Pittsburgh bestows the 225 Award to PBAN founding member, Wes Coleman.

·      In 2014, PBAN begins formalization of its mentorship program.

·      In 2014, the PBAN/NBMBAA Scholarship Initiative expands its chapter presence adding the Dallas/Fort Worth and Philadelphia Chapters.

·      In 2014, PBAN begins efforts to strategically align with corporate partners.

·      In 2014, PBAN appoints its first senior-executive level member to the Advisory Committee.

·      In 2014, PBAN recruitment efforts double the school’s previous year black MBA matriculates.

·      In 2013, the Business School Alumni Association selects PBAN founding President and Chairman, Gloster Current, Jr., to receive the 2014 Distinguished Service Award.

·      In 2014, the Business School Alumni Association selects Her Excellency Ms. Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba as its inaugural recipient of its International Distinguished Service Award for year 2015.

·      In 2014, PBAN Scholarship Fund peaks at $190,000.

·      In 2014, Bloomberg Magazine ranks KGSB as tied for second place in representation of African-American students in MBA programs and Dean John Delaney attributes credit to PBAN in helping the school recruit top talent from across the country.

·      In 2015, PBAN participates in the selection process for the new dean of the School of Business/KGSB.

·      In 2015 for a second time, Tricina Cash was unanimously re-elected to become PBAN president and Board Chairman with a second term starting in 2016.

·      In 2016, School of Business Dean Arjang Assad selects PBAN founder officer, Board Chair and President Tricina Cash to receive the 2017 Distinguished Service Award.

·      In 2017, PBAN achieves its third, consecutive year of meeting 100% of its recruitment goal under the leadership of board member John Weston.

·      In 2017, PBAN creates the President-Elect role and combine it to the Vice President of Administration position.

·      In 2017, Denise Hughey is elected PBAN President and Board Chairman for 2018 through 2019.

·      In 2017, Brandon Spires is elected PBAN Vice President of Administration for 2018 through 2019 and the inaugural President-Elect.

·      To date, approximately $1.5M in scholarships have been bestowed upon African-American top talent to attend the Katz Graduate School of Business MBA full-time program through the PBAN Scholarship Fund of donations from PBAN members and two-year full scholarships from the University of Pittsburgh by way of the PBAN/NBMBAA Scholarship Initiative.