2017 PittBusiness Distinguished Service Recipient Acceptance Speech

Thank you, dean Assad, and Jim Waite. And I would like to thank the alumni association and the school’s administration who continue to work with us and support us, year after year.

I also want to take this opportunity to especially thank Don Norrington who is not only our liaison he has also been a rock for so many of us during our pursuit of our MBAs. Thanks, Don.

I would also like to ask to stand everyone who has served as a PBAN board member. Thank you for your service and putting up with me and my ZEALOUSNESS. Thank you for believing in me.

So I can’t tell you how much it means to receive this recognition from my school and my university and my peers.

I entered the Katz MBA program as an evening student and later transferred into EMBA.

As an EMBA student, I kept thinking about the incredible talent in my cohort and how great it would be to activate this set of leaders--or alumni like them--to give back to the school.

PBAN became the way I would make that dream come true. As a co-founder of PBAN, I was and I still am excited about collaboratively building something great. I could borrow the title of one of my favorite Jim Collins book and say during my tenure I made a “Choice to be Great.”

I believed then and continue to believe that Katz is a great school and PBAN represents a great alumni network spanning the globe. Of our 8 strategic goals we are incredibly proud to have succeeded in attracting top-caliber African Americans seeking an MBA education to consider Katz. And because of those efforts, today, we are in sight of surpassing the $1 million dollar mark in scholarships awarded by the school to MBA candidates recruited by PBAN since 2011.

In my family, I am the daughter of a missionary so you might say mission work is in my nature. You may know that the PBAN mission is to support this school and to support its African American alumni and all others who have been part of this great institution. Our effort supports any number of biblical scriptures like Matthew 25:40 where the author advises us to remember those you might errantly and with hubris presume to think of as least like you.  I know that oftentimes, you find a treasure or a treasure is given to you when you do.

That said, as president of PBAN I had big shoes to fill. And I did so in my coiffure of the day and in heels. I did so with tenacious and strategic leadership and a vision of what we could become.

So before I step away, I want to thank my mom and sister for coming today.

As I accept this award today and as I continue serving our KatzReady community, I hope that like my family who is here today, I have served you well and made you proud. #PBANProud.

Tricina Cash was named the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Service Award. 

Tricina Cash